Full Name
Anna Shpitsberg
Job Title
Deputy Assistant Secretary
U.S. Department of State
Speaker Bio
Anna Shpitsberg serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Transformation at the U.S. Department of State. Ms. Shpitsberg is responsible for supporting a shift to a decarbonized economy that enables secure and resilient energy systems. Shpitsberg leads efforts and advises on power market reform, clean energy financing, and resilient supply chains to support transitioning power, transport, and end-use sectors. Additionally, she leads U.S. representation at the International Renewable Energy Agency, and other bilateral and multilateral engagements on energy with U.S. allies and partners.

In her prior role, Shpitsberg served as Director for Global Power and Renewables at IHS Markit. In this capacity she conducted research on emerging trends in the power sector; collaborated with teams covering power, clean energy technology, upstream energy, climate, economics, transport, and agriculture on possible outcomes for the energy transition; advised  executives on trends that may impact their business strategy; led corporate renewable research, including the outlook for the United States; consulted on bespoke renewable projects; and managed the buildout of power market analysis and research in Africa and the Middle East.

Prior to joining IHS Markit, Ms. Shpitsberg established the U.S. Department of State’s Power Sector Program (PSP) through which she partnered with and advised utilities, regulators, system operators, and energy ministries on power market reform, energy resource optimization and procurement, regional power market development, and renewable energy integration and financing. In this role, she designed, managed, and advised on over 30 projects in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, including in Angola, Argentina, Cambodia, Chile, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, and Vietnam. She also held positions at the U.S. Department of Energy, the Rocky Mountain Institute, and Morgan Stanley. Ms. Shpitsberg holds a BS from Binghamton University in Finance and an MEM in Environmental Economics and Policy from Duke University with a focus on power systems and the energy-water nexus.
Anna Shpitsberg