Full Name
Elly Jack
Job Title
Program Operations Lead, Supply Chain Renewables
Schneider Electric
Speaker Bio
Elly leads the operations of all Supply Chain Renewables programs at Schneider Electric. These programs seek to enable and empower suppliers to incorporate renewables into their portfolio and equip sponsors with data and insights into their supply chain's decarbonization efforts through renewables.

In her role, Elly strives to implement scalable and efficient means of educating suppliers on renewables as well as developing innovative approaches that allow suppliers of a wide array of profiles to procure renewables.

Prior to working at Schneider, Elly worked at an energy efficiency startup where she managed the end-to-end development and execution of energy efficiency projects for clients, strategically combining different technologies and financial incentives to make projects as cost-effective as possible. This role sparked Elly's passion for helping small to medium-sized enterprises navigate the clean energy space.
Elly Jack