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Ron Lehr
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Board Chair
New Energy Economics
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Ronald L. Lehr
4950 Sanford Circle West
Englewood, Colorado 80110-5127
303 504-0940 Telephone
rllehr@msn.com Email

Ronald L. Lehr consults clients about energy regulation and business matters. Current assignments include work for Western Grid Group on western grid-level system, operations integration, and transmission planning and for a consortium of foundations interested in application of new financial approaches to address stranded utility assets resulting from retiring uneconomic generation plants. He has worked for the largest privately owned Swiss utility, private firms, trade and business associations, non-profit advocacy groups, national energy laboratories, and foundations on energy acquisitions, renewable energy policies and commercialization strategies. He represented the wind industry in the Western U.S. on regional transmission and related issues for over a decade, and has appeared as an expert witness, sponsoring testimony in administrative venues on utility planning and mergers, and in anti-trust, employment, and government claim litigation. He is currently board chair of New Energy Economics, which supports competitive acquisition of new utility generation and demand resource portfolios to manage risks, based on rapidly changing economic fundamentals. He served for seven years from 1984 to 1991 as Chairman and Commissioner of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. He has served on corporate and foundation boards of directors and boards of advisors. He completed terms as an appointed member of panels charged to make recommendations on electric industry restructuring, renewable energy resources, and transmission needs to the Colorado General Assembly, and as President and Commissioner of the Denver Board of Water Commissioners, the water utility for Denver and surrounding suburban areas.
Ron Lehr