Submission deadline: February 23, 2024 | CEBA will contact submitters by March 8, 2024

Submit your idea to discuss challenges, solutions and gaps in the market, and best approaches by completing the fields below no later than Friday, February 23. CEBA will contact submitters by March 8, 2024.

CEBA Connect: Spring Summit 2024 is set for May 26-28 in Denver, CO. 

  • What is a Conversation Session? Conversations are held amongst small groups at tables spread throughout a large room. Each table has a host to provide thoughts on that table's specific topic, as well as to hear why participants are at the table.  About 30 conversations are held concurrently. 
  • How do they work? A host sits at a numbered table and participants join in for one of three rounds. Each table is set for 10 people and each round is 20 minutes with five minutes to transition time between rounds. There are no PowerPoints or presentations however worksheets or supplementary material may be used to help start or guide the conversation. 
  • What makes a good topic?  Almost anything, as long as it appeals to attendees (e.g., should help them solve for a question, not be sales-oriented, and include an energy customer voice or perspective). Topics may range from: transacting in MISO to the challenges of tax equity to tools that you can use to put your DEIJ goals in action.

Submit as many ideas as you’d like. CEBA staff may work with you to repurpose a proposal to align with needs of the event.  

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